About Allegra Paris

Allegra Paris is a 22 year old entrepreneur, fitness model, and soon-to-be certified trainer.  Allegra Paris is also a lifestyle brand that embodies fitness & fashion-- and how they work together.  Allegra's personal Instagram is a mix of her favorite street style as well as brands and workouts that have helped her personally maintain her health & physique.

Allegra Paris Swim & Active are two collections of swim and activewear designed to be completely original and one-of-a-kind.  Each product is created to be as unique as its wearer through hand-painted designs and soon-to-come details.  The current swimsuits for sale are the first samples ever made and are a mix of designs and styles that are being market tested.  At the moment, each collection is in the process of being redesigned and recreated. 

The official Allegra Paris launch date is set in 2018-- details to come in the newsletter and on the @allegraparisactive Instagram!

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