About Allegra

Hi loves!  

My name is Allegra, yes like the medicine, and I'm a 22 year old New Yorker.  I'm a fitness & swimwear model, new entrepreneur, and protein muffin enthusiast.  I spend my days working out, rushing to castings, and building my dream company.  Oh, and Paris is my middle name!

Having just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and an Associate's Degree in Fashion Business Management, I'm now working on Allegra Paris Swim, a brand that embodies my favorite aesthetics and passions.

Allegra Paris Swim is made up of two collections, Hampton Classics and Silversun.  I hand-paint and design the swimsuits so that each one is completely one-of-a-kind.  Painting on clothing is something that I've done ever since I was little; I love the idea that no two products can be identical.  For years I would paint for my family, friends, and even a few ex-boyfriends!  But now I've decided to grow this hobby into a swimwear brand that will encompass the true meaning of originality.

As for the Allegra Paris blog and Instagram, I share my vision of style and what brands I think are worth noting.  I also feature health & fitness companies that have helped me to maintain my body, including my favorite workout spots in NYC.  I want to be honest about all aspects of working as a fitness model and offer as much insight as possible about getting fit and being healthy.

I am very visual so my posts usually have more photos than they do words.  I believe a picture can say a lot, and I hope that mine can inspire and motivate you on your journey to success.

xx AP

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