Faux Fur and Bubble Tea


I've spent a good portion of this winter trying to find a faux fur jacket that actually looks like fur!  Of course, like everyone else, I think real fur is beautiful and always looks great.  However, I'm a huge animal lover and I've done my research on the fur industry and the violent cruelty that's associated with it.  I avoid the fur industry as a whole and instead I look for good quality faux... and it is out there!

I actually got this coat from Hollister and it's super warm and fluffy!  Leggings are LF, Scarf is H&M, shoes are Nike Air Maxes, and a Saint Laurent satchel!

Stopped at the Dessert Kitchen NYC because I'm obsessed with Asian foods.  They make high-concept Asian desserts that are absolutely unreal.  If you like exploring desserts and bubble teas, you need to check them out! Cheat meal happiness!