My Fave Protein Bar Brand

Taking a little painting break and snacking on a Quest cereal bar... 12 grams of protein!

Taking a little painting break and snacking on a Quest cereal bar... 12 grams of protein!

Quest Nutrition is for sure my favorite protein bar brand right now.  There are 20 grams of protein in each bar and sooo many different flavors like Cookies and Cream, Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, and tons more.  I literally get excited to try a new flavor every time.  When I was on my bar search, I always hated the ones that were the same consistency throughout because the flavor got so bland.  I love Quest bars because each one has chunks of things like chocolate, fruit, graham cracker, or whatever relates to the flavor!  It makes them taste so much better- and honestly when I'm eating a bar it's usually because I'm on-the-go and desperate for something healthy but also yummy so I don't go for an unhealthy option, which most snacks usually are. 

I'm also not a fan of the bars that are super high in sugar.  Some brands put dried fruit or granola in their products which are still technically healthy but these ingredients are actually really high in sugar and not that great for you.  Quest bars only have about 1 gram of sugar in them yet they're still sooo delicious.

My favorite thing to do is heat them up and put peanut butter on them.  If you do this with the Cookie Dough flavor or the Chocolate Brownie flavor, it literally tastes like a hot cookie or brownie you'd get at a restaurant.  I'm honestly still amazed at how something so low in sugar can taste so delicious.

When eating clean and healthy, there are still times when we just can't fight our sweet tooth... especially during that time of the month.  That's where Quest bars come in for me.  I get a desserty flavor and throw on some pb or agave and it's usually extremely satisfied.

My next move is to start trying Quest's recipes on their site.  They use the bars for the main ingredient and pair them with low calorie ice cream companies to make sundaes and mini pies!! 

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