Five Reasons to Embrace the Leggings Trend

It’s hard to ignore the athleisure trend in full-swing today; it’s everywhere. However, who doesn’t want to look good, feel comfortable, and be ready to break down into a split at a moment’s notice? That’s what you can do sporting a pair of leggings, hugging your individual shape while providing you with the support you need to make it through the day.

Here at Allegra Paris Active, we love leggings! We love them so much that we make our own sustainable collection.


If you’re still not convinced, here’s 5 reasons to embrace the leggings trend:

  1. Convenience: Leggings can go from deadlifts at the gym, to a sporty chic outfit out on the city. It’s convenient to wear leggings, providing you with options for the day ahead without having to plan.
  2. Comfort: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion with the worldwide activewear movement. Now, you can be comfortable while wearing a pair of athleisure leggings that accent your shape and complement your curves. What’s better?
  3. Flattery: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t look good in a nice pair of fitted, structured leggings, helping that booty pop? Leggings are complementary to every body type, providing you with a flattering canvas that you can dress up or dress down.
  4. Fashionable: Today, designer leggings are as hot as a leather jacket. It’s in, and we want you to be trendy. No, you don’t have to go buy the generic pair of black leggings every other girl owns. Instead, you can invest in fashion-forward leggings that are comfortable, yet undeniably fashionable.
  5. Complementary: Leggings give you styling options. Throw on a hot sports bra and your latest pair of kicks to take on the gym. Or, pair them with booties or heels, plus a bandeau and a statement jacket for the club. Whatever your choice, leggings are complementary.

Why subject your body to constricting, tight pants and rigid clothing when it can sport workout pants in a fun or fashionable setting? Our Allegra Paris Active: Collection I provides you with structured, sturdy leggings fabric that supports you throughout the day, while also maintaining flexibility to bend and move with you.

We believe in being workout ready & street ready.

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