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Between making it to the gym, managing Allegra Paris, personal training, and having some sort of social life, it can be seriously hard as a New Yorker to make time for nutrition. One of the first things to fly out the window when a schedule gets hectic is balancing your macros or trying to find the “healthiest” restaurant option.

I know for me, the New York City pace is what makes me love this place, which is why my go-to is Deliciously Fit, my favorite meal prep company that caters to NYC and NJ.


Why Deliciously Fit?

DFit makes a commitment to nutritious and macronutrient-balanced meals, made without preservatives, oils or butters. Every week, the company changes around the meal lineup with new bomb recipes so I never get bored.


With DFit, I can count on:

  • Weighed and measured, balanced macronutrients
  • Lean protein sources
  • Low calorie options
  • Snacks that aren’t overindulgent (and I LOVE snacks)
  • Genuinely delicious food I can’t wait to eat

I recommend DFit to all of my personal training clients, as I firsthand know how delicious and effective the food is for achieving your fitness goals. Right now, my favorite meal has to be the Shrimp Cauliflower rice and obviously the protein muffins!!

If you’re considering meal prep, use my code Allegra10 for a discount on your order! I’ll be writing additional blogs about why meal prepping is so important to overall fitness results, as well as how you can get yourself in the meal prep mindset for a productive year ahead!


Check them out at or IG (@getdeliciouslyfit). Also tag me in your social media posts when you try your first DFit!!

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