What is it?
The AP FIT Program is a fitness transformation journey with online coach, Allegra Paris. The PREMIUM Program includes workout plans, meal plans, progress tracking, 24/7 messaging, and virtual personal training sessions. However, there are also programs that offer these services individually.
How much does it cost?
The programs range from $150-$400/month. To learn more, visit the homepage. All payments are done through the AP FIT app.
How many programs are there?
There are 3 program levels: INDIVIDUAL, PLUS, and PREMIUM.
How do I access my program features?
All of your workout plans, meal plans, recipes, progress tracking, and messaging are in the AP FIT app. You can download and save your plans from the app at any time!
What if I’m a beginner?
Allegra works with all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced athletes!
Do I need equipment?
No! After completing the initial AP FIT questionnaire, your workout plan is developed based on your goals, preferences, and what equipment you have available. You can choose to complete your program at home or in a gym. Over the course of your program, you can choose to purchase equipment!
What if I’m not seeing results?
Via the AP FIT app, you can message Allegra 24/7 with questions, comments, and updates. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your program, simply message Allegra and she will adjust your program to guarantee satisfaction and results!



What is a weekly workout plan?
After completing the initial AP FIT questionnaire, you will receive a weekly workout plan in your AP FIT app that details your customized workouts for each day of the week. All exercises include rep count and a demo video!
What is a monthly meal plan?
After completing your initial AP FIT questionnaire, you will receive a monthly meal plan based on your goals, dietary restrictions, and preferences. New recipes are added to your AP FIT app each week.
Are my macronutrients calculated?
Yes! After you complete the initial AP FIT questionnaire, Allegra calculates your personal macronutrients in order to create the most efficient meal plan for you.
How do I communicate with Allegra?
Via the AP FIT app, you can message Allegra 24/7 with questions, requests, and updates.
Where do I track progress?
Via the AP FIT app, you can track your body weight, measurements, before & after photos, and body fat percentage. There is also a section to track your workout progress.
Are there check-ins with Allegra?
When initially signing up for your program, you are prompted to choose a day for check-ins via the app. In addition, the PLUS Program includes a 30 minute check-in phone call with Allegra. Lastly, the PREMIUM Program uses the 60 minute virtual personal training session to check in.



How do I sign up?
Virtual training with Allegra is only available with the PREMIUM Program. To sign up, email programs@allegraparis.com or submit via the homepage.
How long are sessions?
Each session is 60 minutes long.
Where are they done?
All sessions are held on FaceTime or Skype.
Do I need equipment?
No! Your session can be done at home or in a gym. We work with the equipment you have available. If you have none, we will perform bodyweight and HIIT exercises!



What is the AP FIT Program refund policy?
Once your subscription begins via the AP FIT app, you can cancel anytime after the first month! However, you cannot receive a refund for the initial month.
Can I pause my program?
Yes. You are automatically charged at the end of each month, but if you are leaving for vacation or won't be available to train, you can pause your program for a maximum of 1 week at a time.