3 Breakfasts That Will Keep You Fuller, Longer

3 Breakfasts That Will Keep You Fuller, Longer

Breakfast- let's first break down that word.  When you eat breakfast, you are breaking your overnight fast for the first time.  People tend to say they don't eat breakfast or they skip it, which usually leads to a hefty debate.  I always remind everyone that we all eat it, some of us just wait and fast longer. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of fasting in the morning until my BODY tells me I'm hungry, not society.  It's very good for the body to operate in a fasted state.  I will write all about this in another blog, but my favorite benefit of fasting is that it promotes detoxification.

So, you got your morning started and you're ready for your first bit of fuel- what are you going to pick?  Thinking over my macros, I'd decide if it's a high carb or protein morning.  The best thing to do is think of what your day consists of.  If you are going to be sitting all day, you might not need to spike your energy with a high carb breakfast.  If you are going to be on your feet all day, you might think differently.

Here are 3 of the most efficient breakfasts that, based on your day, will keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

Egg whites, turkey bacon, and sweet potato

My go-to always! I'd say this meal is universally great, whether you'll be sedentary or running around all day.  

Notice the word whites- this means no yolks.  Yolks are what should be limited when eating eggs, not the whites.  So go ahead, have more egg whites, fuel your body with protein, especially if you regularly weight train.  Turkey bacon is the tasty part, and comparably lower in fat than regular bacon, just make sure you find a brand that is free of nitrates and chemicals. Sweet potato is genius- it is low in calories, filling, nutritious, AND known to have the opposite effect of wheat, they actually suck you in (I always eat them for fuel before a long photoshoot).

Oatmeal with protein powder

This meal is high in carbs, so I recommend it if you know you need energy for physical activity in the morning like running errands or an early workout class.

I buy plain oatmeal with no added flavors or sweeteners.  Then, I microwave it with some frozen fruit, this adds to the carb count.  After that, I add my favorite protein powder.  Right now its the Musclesport CinnaCrunch flavor.  This is great, fast fuel that I will choose when I'm heading to a workout class or a morning of PT sessions.

Veggie Omelette

This meal is ideal for those that might be sedentary for the majority of the day.  It is low carb and high in protein.  You just can't go wrong with high protein and veggies, especially if you choose egg whites, with just 1 yolk.  Egg whites and veggies are SO low in calories and you can have them in high quantity!  If you are still craving a salt fix, add two strips of turkey bacon.

Get out the pan, pour your egg whites in and whatever veggies you want, and as many as you want.  My "omelette" ends up getting scrambled by the end but it still tastes good!


Breakfast is extremely important, and if you choose to fast for the morning, enjoy your breakfast later in the day but make sure you pick the right fuel for YOUR day.  Breakfast can still make or break you.  Spending some time when you wake up thinking about what your day actually entails will help you choose the right fuel and will in turn make you more productive, efficient, and FULLER, LONGER!

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