Cheat Days or Cheat Meals?

Cheat Days or Cheat Meals?

Ugh, I've really been struggling with my candy addiction these past few weeks!  Since I am on my feet almost all day, my carb intake is pretty high. I allow myself some candy here and there as candy is strictly carb, no fat. I don't personally do well with fat; if I go over my allotted daily amount, I will notice it in my body ASAP.

You probably see posts on cheat days or cheat meals all over social media. I think we become fascinated by this because the people posting this content are usually in great shape. It's like wait how does this fit person eat that cake?? 

Again, it's all about those macronutrients! People who are passionate about their fitness gains also become mindful of their diet because the two go hand-and-hand. As you learn your body, you learn what macronutrient ratio works for you.  You can also do this with a macronutrient calculator which I discuss in the blog post titled: My eBook on Macronutrients

Cheat day vs. cheat meal

Cheat day

Ok, this is my opinion and it is ok if you think differently!

I feel as though a cheat day throws off the whole week, at least for me. You have the ability to consume around 1,000 calories with just one milkshake or cheeseburger. If you eat multiple cheat meals in one day, chances are you will consume enough calories to keep you out of a caloric deficit all week. You might feel as though you're fighting off your weekend binge all week long. This can be extremely discouraging, especially if you are no longer seeing results throughout the week.

Cheat meal

Now, I didn't say you shouldn't cheat. Everything in moderation and if you completely restrict yourself from your favorite things, you have a higher chance of binging. 

I actually am a fan of having a small cheat every day. For me, that cheat is a little bit of candy or some kind of mild dessert after dinner. If it fits in your macros, why not? I am so fulfilled from it and that satisfaction is what keeps me on track.

When my mom visits, we go to our favorite milkshake spot and get the craziest one we can find. This is higher in carbs and fat than a handful of candy, so I simply plan healthy meals around it, and in return, I don't stress or feel guilty about it.


It is so important to feel in control of what you put into your body. This feeling of control eliminates any guiltiness or frustration surrounding food. For so many people, these food-related emotions are the root of eating disorders, food-related anxiety, and so on. The more you know, the better you will look... but more importantly, the better you will feel.

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