Breakfast: Easy, Filling, and Tasty

Breakfast: Easy, Filling, and Tasty

After years of using myself as a test subject, I finally feel like I found the most efficient breakfast- at least for me and my macronutrient ratio!

To put this in perspective quickly, my ratio has my carb and protein intake around the same because I am very active.  This leaves my fat intake significantly lower.  Also, since I am on my feet for the majority of my day, I need to eat something that will not only keep me fuller for longer but also something that won't spike my blood sugar or make me crave quick energy.  I will explain this in a moment.


I'm a big fan of eggs so naturally that is one of the ingredients.  Since I like to keep my fat intake around 30g a day, I only eat one yolk and the rest are egg whites.  I go unlimited with my egg whites because they're extremely low in calories and high in protein.  I add any seasonings I want, but no salt.  You'd be surprised at how much natural sodium already occurs in the foods you eat- and additional salt can be harmful.


I consider veggies one ingredient.  I add them to the eggs and it starts as an omelette but usually ends as a scramble.  They are also unlimited as they are low in calories and high in beneficial micronutrients!  Some people, like myself, get bloated from certain vegetables, so it is important to find the ones that work best with your gut and still provide you with the nutrients you need!  My favorites are mushrooms and spinach.

Turkey Bacon

Ok, ok... I know there is a big debate here because turkey bacon is processed meaning it is high in salt and also, sometimes, chemicals.  If you need your savory fix, add two strips of turkey bacon as it is low in calories and low in fat.  This is your alternative to adding salt to the meal.  If I do this, I cut up the TB and add it to my omelette-scramble.

Sweet Potato

Ok this is the most important part.  Because I am on my feet all day, I need a carb in the morning.  However, you don't have to be overly active to enjoy your carbs in the morning.  In fact, the morning and midday are the best times to take in your quick energy source.  Carbs fuel you- so why not use that energy throughout the day rather than eating it right before bed?

I take half of a sweet potato, clean it and leave the skin on for extra nutrients, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave it for 2 minutes.  If you have time, you can bake it, boil it, or fry it lightly in a pan with onions.  I get it to where it is soft so I can cut it up, add seasonings or light sauce, and voila!  Once I do this, it tastes like a side of breakfast potatoes!

Sweet potato actually sucks you in.  Unlike simple carbs that can leave you feeling bloated and also spike your blood sugar levels, sweet potato does not ignite your body's desire for "more carbs" and it will keep fuller, longer- I promise!


You can go relatively high in your quantities with these as they are so low in calories.  In a few other blog posts, I discuss morning fasting; once I have finished fasting, I am usually ready for decent portion sizes.

Try this breakfast out- you might be pleasantly surprised!

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