Fasted Cardio: What Is It?

Fasted Cardio: What Is It?

For me, fasted cardio is one of my favorite ways to keep fat off, simply by hitting the gym before I’ve had my first meal of the day. Regardless of when you open your eyes, fasted cardio is regarded as a cardiovascular activity you perform before taking in your first calories. 

Why fasted cardio?

The value of fasted cardio is rooted in our hormonal systems, causing your body to go into fat-burn mode before it has had a chance to process the current glucose in your system. Your body first and foremost is designed to survive when food and water turn scarce, which is why it will always turn to your current fuel for energy before it burns your energy reserves.

Fasted cardio is an easy way to put your body in a fasted state, causing it to burn the fat that has been created and stored in unwanted parts of your body, that stubborn fat.

Fasted cardio on the treadmill

When I do fasted cardio, I do 45-minutes to an hour walking on a 15 incline on the treadmill at 2.5 speed.

Here are 3 reasons to consider adding fasted cardio to your workout regime:

  1. Muscle Maintenance: Fasted cardio is an easy way to burn fat without losing muscle. Running, on the other hand, can degrade your muscle build up after a certain amount of miles. Fasted cardio is less intense on your muscular system, producing ideal fat burning results.
  2. Versatile: I answer calls and texts while I’m doing my fasted cardio. You can watch shows, catch up on the morning news, or FaceTime someone while it’s happening.
  3. Easy: I find fasted cardio relaxing. It’s not as strenuous on my body and it won’t leave me dehydrated or exhausted.

Although fasted cardio is not the most effective weight loss practice for people trying to lose a substantial amount of weight, in my opinion, it’s the perfect way for me to maintain my body and burn off calories from cheat meals!

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