Fitness And... Donuts?

Fitness And... Donuts?

Normally, when we think of donuts, we think of the deliciously fluffy and greasy breakfast desserts that are anything but conducive to fitness. That’s why all of the personal trainer and athlete posts on social media today with donuts can be confusing.

Also- when I say donuts, I also mean protein muffins… because I am also just as obsessed with those!

"How do donuts fit into a healthy lifestyle? Can I eat donuts and build muscle?"

The macronutrient equation

It’s all about choices. When donuts fit in your macro ratio you have to hit each day, they have no negative effect on weight loss or muscle building. Each individual has a set amount of carbs, fat, and protein that they must hit to build, gain, or lose weight. Whatever your goal, donuts can fit into it and be a very delicious reward after a strenuous workout!

The best part about counting your macros is that YOU get to choose how YOU fill them. No, you don’t just need to eat lettuce and turkey all day.

Muscle fibers

When you’re done working out, your body goes into recovery mode. It is now repairing and revitalizing the targeted areas. While that’s happening, it’s critical that you replenish the muscle fibers, also known as refueling. Your body needs this fuel to repair and reenergize.

 If you starve yourself, your body will resort to burning your muscle as energy as opposed to building it up. That’s where macronutrients come into the picture.


Carbs are your source of quick fuel. A donut is not your enemy if you know you have a day of vast physical activity or an intense workout coming up.

Obviously, you can’t eat an entire box of donuts all day long and expect to be slim and fit. However, it’s all about balance. If you feel yourself craving dessert, going for the protein muffin is a smaller portion than sitting down for a big ice cream sundae and going over your allotted caloric intake (macros) for the day.

 It’s about finding a balance that works for you!

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