Healthy Quarantine Routine: Must-Do's

Healthy Quarantine Routine: Must-Do's

Working from home, less commuting, possibly more sitting- these are all things we have had to get used to in quarantine. Personally, I struggled a lot at first. I went from sprinting around NYC to training clients virtually, all in one spot!

By now, we've had to get used to this new normal and make some changes. But who says change has to be negative?

I've created a list of quarantine routine additions that have made a super positive impact on me mentally and physically.

My quarantine routine must-do's:

  1. Tons of water in the morning: try to drink at least 2 cups of water before you eat breakfast; this helps flush out toxins, reset the body, and encourages hydration
  2. Take breaks: if you are sitting for most of the day, it's ok, just aim to get up for 5-10 minutes every hour to get a glass of water and move your body
  3. Stretch: at you desk, in the shower, during a Zoom meeting, it doesn't matter, just MOVE that body
  4. Workout: working out provides physical benefits, but you also release endorphins which make you feel happier and can change your mood completely; I have a lot of clients that prefer morning workouts on a fasted stomach, others like an evening workout, regardless, make sure to include a workout everyday
  5. Sleep: sleep is crucial for productivity, mood stability, and overall health; try to get 6-8 hours and practice going to bed a bit earlier


Some days you might not fit all of this in, and that is OK. The goal is to include as many healthy habits as possible. Do not be hard on yourself, each day is a new day and new opportunity to build on your routine.

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