How To Build an At-Home Workout

How To Build an At-Home Workout

Due to COVID-19, we are all challenged psychologically but also physically. A lot of us have lost access to gyms and workout equipment. It is now time to get creative in your apartment or the space you are quarantining in. 

I've made it my priority to help my family, friends, clients, and followers keep up with their workout gains, fitness goals, and workout schedules.

A huge part of working out is the mental clarity and sanity that it gives us. It is crucial to keep up with your workouts no matter what the circumstances may be. 

At-home workouts

Times are strange and doing jump lunges in your apartment living room might feel stranger. But no one is judging, and finding motivation is everything right now.  

My reminder to you is that we will make it through this. It is key to develop a schedule that designates at least an hour to your physical fitness.  Whether it is HIIT, cardio, or stretching to clear the mind- I encourage you to make it a priority.

There are numerous virtual workouts now available thanks to social media, but I've attached a guide on how to create your own at-home workout. includes workout videos in all categories designed for you to follow along so you don't have to think so much- you can just do.

I understand, however, when you are in the mood for quiet. So again, see the chart below and if you have any questions about these workouts, email

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