My eBook on Macronutrients

My eBook on Macronutrients

I wrote this eBook as a way to introduce how I'd be helping my clients with their diets. The best way for you to understand your macronutrients is by first understanding what they are and how to "count" them.

Counting your macros

Don't worry- I don't actively count my macros with food scales or calculators and I don't promote that. Instead, I study and memorize the macros in the foods I eat regularly to help me eyeball a well-rounded, macronutrient-balanced diet.

This sounds more aggressive than it is. You will naturally start to memorize a lot of information as you begin reading food labels differently. Once you understand that there are only 3 macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat), a lot of your questions will be answered and everything will start to make more sense.


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