Why I Use a Theragun

Why I Use a Theragun

I was introduced to Theragun a few years ago and have been obsessed ever sense. I truly believe it is one of the most efficient recovery tools out there and I haven't found anything that compares in terms of productivity.

Percussive Therapy

The Theragun uses percussive therapy, a repetitive massaging movement designed to speed up recovery by applying pulses of localized pressure to the muscle at a high speed, cutting down recovery time by hours.

I always say, take the effect of foam rolling and multiply it by 10.

This pulsing massage loosens up the muscle, increases range of motion, increases blood flow, helps drain lactic acid, and (my favorite) stimulates the nervous system, sending signals to the brain that the muscle is becoming less tight.


The Theragun is a hand-held, ergonomic tool used to relieve soreness, increase range of motion, stimulate the nervous system, and drain lactic acid- all via percussive therapy.

I love the Theragun because it is particularly ergonomic. I have tried a few competitors and after a while, my wrist became sore because of how I had to hold them. 


1. Relieves muscle tightness and soreness; prevents DOMS

2. Drains lactic acid & increases blood flow

3. Newer research claims that it breaks up scar tissue

When to use it

1. Before a workout: briefly use the Theragun on each muscle group, stimulating, loosening, and waking up the muscles

2. Mid-workout: if you are feeling muscle tightness or cramping

3. After a workout: you can use the Theragun as much as you'd like post-workout. Since it is technically a massage, your muscles will begin to relax (great before bedtime)


I get a lot of questions asking if it's bad to use the Theragun at certain times and the answer is always no. There is no wrong time to use it, there are just suggesting amounts of time for how long you use it, in order to see the best results. It isn't medicine, you can't use it too much.  It's all about learning your body and knowing how to prepare and recover it efficiently.

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